Nice Driving Web Development, Mobile Development, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, iOS, Android and Database Architecture

Welcome to Nice Driving

Nice Driving is my personal website, created to describe my experience building websites and mobile apps, among other things. I am available for web development, mobile app development and consulting work.

More information about me is available on the about me page.

You’ll find a quick way to contact me on the contact page.

Web Development

Professionally, I'm a web software engineer - which is just another way of saying I'm a web developer that focuses on larger, more complex websites. Though I also have plenty of experience building smaller websites, including Mobile websites. More info on my Web Development page.

Mobile Apps

I can develop for iOS - the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - and Android systems like phones and tablets. While most of my professional experience is in developing business tools, I enjoy creating games as well. More info on my Mobile Development page.


I am an expert in the Web, and I have spent the last 13 years working with it. I am available for consulting in several areas. More info on my Consulting page.